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Justin's Nut Butter — what a great snack to pack with you!

Not long ago I posted a recipe for homemade, healthy Nutella, and it quickly became one of the most visited posts on the blog.

Now, healthy Nutella is not nearly so hard to come by! Justin's Nut Butters has a chocolate hazelnut butter that totally hits the spot, and is made from all the right stuff.

Justin makes peanut and almond butter as well, but I'm choosing to highlight the hazelnut variety since you all loved the homemade Nutella recipe. Plus, of the three types of nuts Justin uses, hazelnuts are the ones with the best ratio for correcting the type of fatty acid imbalance that is so prevalent in PCOS.

For those of you who travel, or who are looking for easy, portable snacks to throw in your gym bag, this product is also packaged in 0.5 oz packs.

This is one product we found at Expo West that is readily available in many grocery stores, not just high-end natural foods venues. If you can't find it, here's a link to order

Oh, by the way, we got to meet the REAL Justin too! This is, to a foodie, the equivalent of a rock and roll groupie meeting Jon Bon Jovi. It's the (nut butter) bomb.

Happy to report, Justin is just as nice as he is tall!

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Justin's Nut Butter — what a great snack to pack with you! + nutella