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Is Your Weight-ing Game Interfering With Your Success? Part 2

Lots of responses to part one of this, which confirmed that this topic really hit home and the carbo-loading phenomenon is common amongst people who bounce back and forth between low carb eating and carbohydrate bingeing.

The second thing that happens when most people get to the point where they are so carbohydrate depleted, is that they tend to look for foods that are processed carbohydrates. In all the years I have been doing this work…I have yet to hear someone tell me they binged on asparagus, or on brown rice, or on quinoa! It's always the packaged foods, or it's something from some sort of restaurant.

And the worst binges always seem to happen over the weekend, when people are out of their weekly routine, they're tired, they're with friends…all their defenses are down and it's easy to go for the tortilla chips in the basket or to say,"Yes, I'd like fries with that!"

The important thing to remember about processed food, is that it is higher in sodium compared to the"clean" eating you're trying to pursue the rest of the week. And it can take some time for your kidneys to process and eliminate all of that sodium. While all those molecules are waiting in line to get out of your system, they're hanging around with water molecules. That's just how it works…where there is sodium, there is water.

Think about the head game you set yourself up for if this is what you've done and you're a little obsessive with the scales.

Your weight looks pretty good on Friday morning, and about 3 pm on Friday your co-workers talk you into joining them for Mexican food at the joint down the street from the office. Saturday morning, one margarita, two baskets of chips, and a chimichanga later, you wake up feeling a little bloated. You get on the scale…and it's 4 pounds heavier than it was the morning before!

Talk about demoralizing! It's enough to throw you into a weekend-long"what's the use" binge.

Here's a little tip that can really help get you out of that obsessive cycle.

Remember, we are creatures of habit. Our Mondays are more like Mondays than they are like Wednesdays or Fridays. What we eat on Mondays…doesn't really vary that much. So it makes no sense to compare a Monday weight to a Wednesday weight.

If you tend to go out on Fridays, you are likely going to carry some water weight related to the sodium intake, for a couple of days. Even if you eat the amount of food you intended to.

It's best, if you're someone who is obsessive with the scales, to compare Monday weights to Monday weights, and Friday weights to Friday weights. Comparing Monday morning's weight to the past Friday morning's weight…is sure to set you up for head games and unnecessary bingeing.

Part 3, later this week…will be about hormones and weighing in.

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Is Your Weight-ing Game Interfering With Your Success? Part 2 + weight gain