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The Other Half of the Story: A Personal Trainer's Experience with PCOS

If you follow our radio show, you know we recently interviewed Stacy Citron, participant in Bravo's television show, Thintervention.

In the process of working with Stacy, I had the opportunity to become acquainted with Craig Ramsay, one of the trainers she worked with on the show. We sat down recently in Los Angeles and chatted about Stacy's PCOS, and PCOS in general. I left our brief meeting realizing PCOS had a genuine and enthusiastic ally in Craig, and we've become friends in past months.

I'll be interviewing Craig on Monday, November 15, at noon Eastern time. Please join us live or download the recorded version later at

In the meantime, I asked Craig to answer a few questions to help our audience get acquainted with him.

I'm so looking forward to Monday!

1. What did you know about PCOS before you began your work with Stacy?

My only knowledge of PCOS prior to working with Stacy on Thintervention was from my Broadway co-worker/friend Haviland Stillwell. Her journey with it was private. (My note: Haviland has since spoken publicly about her PCOS; her interview is in our show's archives.) All I knew of the disease was that it affects a woman's hormone levels and fertility.

2. As a trainer, what was the most challenging aspect of working with someone with PCOS?

As a trainer working on a time crunch of a fitness show, and the added responsibilities of 7 other clients, I found working with someone with PCOS was very time consuming. Not because that person is difficult, but because I had to take a great deal of time to learn about the condition for myself. Stacy knew little of the disease, so tackling it together was the hardest part, as well as getting our questions answered.
3. You have expressed a strong interest in reaching out to women with PCOS. What is it about the syndrome that has inspired you?

My mother has Fibromyalgia. I have a sensitivity to her, and other women, who struggle with such health obstacles that get in their way of feeling and looking their best. Like Fibromyalgia, PCOS sufferers have a difficult time getting answers and respect from Doctors. It frustrates me that the medical field hasn't spent more time discovering answers to their vital questions.

I have experience working with many women that have gained control of their PCOS, and with great success!

I'm thrilled to share my experiences to help others.
4. Have you developed any different strategies for working with future PCOS clients?

I advise my PCOS women to start with their diet. Get control over their sugar levels, introduce a high protein diet, and make sure they are eating the proper foods and eating at the proper times. This will improve their energy levels, sleep and therefore their ability to properly workout to intensity.

This is the place I start with all my PSOC women.
5. Do you have any words of encouragement for frustrated women watching your series who can relate to Stacy's journey?

Frustrated women watching at home please know that you are not alone. What used to work for you"back in the day" will not work anymore. The answers are out there, don't compare yourself with others, make it your own journey.

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The Other Half of the Story: A Personal Trainer's Experience with PCOS + women's health