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Hello everyone,

I wanted to wait until I had the better.pdf straight from the source, but many of you have asked to see the editorial piece that was published in the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, and Washington Post last weekend. I am not the savviest Adobe person and I can't figure out how to rotate this upright, but as soon as I get the better piece I'll replace it. Until then I envision readers looking sideways at their computers.

Here it is! Wall Street Journal/Boston Globe/Washington Post Editorial/Ad

What I absolutely love about this piece is that it illustrates the beauty of collaboration. This absolutely could not happen without three parties working together--Belly Bar, inCYST, and SGJ Consulting. We were able to collaborate in a way that 1 plus 1 plus 1 equals a whole lot more than 3. Even though the focus is teamwork, I absolutely love to see individuals shine when they are supported with our pay-it-forward philosophy.

The bottom line is, any woman on the Internet who is looking for help with her PCOS should be able to easily find this blog and use the information it contains.

Speaking of beautiful collaborations, Ivonne has been going great guns on our sister Spanish site. I initially asked for patience while she works on it…but my goodness I think now I need to send Ivonne a"whoa Nelly!" Seriously, judging from my first attempt to serve the Spanish-language market, and what's happening with traffic, just a few days out of the starting gate this blog is going to be very heavily read. And thanks to Ivonne, the writers on this inCYST blog have an opportunity to serve anyone in the Spanish-speaking world with computer access.

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Presence in East Coast Papers + time to be