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Plan B

Several years ago I wrote a booket about post-traumatic stress disorder and how it can affect eating. I have been asked about the booklet several times in past weeks so I pulled it out of the archives and put it back in my store. It is an… e-booklet that I mail as soon as you process your order. For those of you who do counseling, if you purchase it, you also get the rights to copy as many times as you wish. Reviving it since it seems there might be a need and use for it again. I originally wrote this right after September 11, because I was feeling helpless and wanting to do something. I originally had a concept that I wanted to include pictures of all people from all cultures in my graphics, but not find any graphics of Middle Eastern people that were not stereotypical and insulting. So I moved to plan B, and asked my nephews if they wanted to help me illustrate the booklet. So they did, and their art seems to be a huge part of what made this booklet so popular and therapeutic. Things always work out the way they should if you don't resist the process! Anyway, here is the link to purchasing. Know that I do remove the shipping fee before processing any orders, I am not tech-savvy enough to figure out the programming to do that. Hope this is helpful to those of you who need it.

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Plan B + women