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A reference on nutrition and the brain that may interest some of you

As you saw yesterday, I was at an eating disorder conference last week.
It was exciting to see a lot of information coming out about the link between nutrition, the brain, and eating disorders.

Many of you may not be aware that it was my own research into this topic that got me started in PCOS research! My book was originally published in 2000, it was the very first book on eating disorders the American Dietetic Association ever published. It was a really tough book to write because at the time almost no one was even looking at the connection. And it turned out to be a bit of a difficult sell because the idea was new and I don't think the professional community was used to someone with my credentials (as opposed to an MD or PhD) was the one who was writing it.

To this day, people will tell me,"Yes, yours is the book with the picture of the brain on it!" That always feels great, as it took a lot of lobbying to even get that photo on the cover of the book.

The connection turned out to be a crucial one, and spending all that time reading all that research prepared me for creating inCYST. So I'm really glad I took the time to sit through all those library hours!

It is out of print at this point, but still available on on for anyone who might be interested.

It felt a little lonely out there when I wrote that book, so it's really nice to hear other colleagues with an interest in the topic and to see it even make the program of a national conference!

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A reference on nutrition and the brain that may interest some of you + nutrition