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To Chromium or Not to Chromium?

I spent Friday and Saturday in the popular sports medicine workshop hosted by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, and William Evers, PhD. Both are well respected in their fields, and their even has been attended for years by hundreds of sports professionals.

Dr. Evers brought up chromium and I asked him what he thought of its use to curb carbohydrate cravings. Turns out, he has actually studied it firsthand in his lab…and has far as he could actually measure, the vast majority of it is not even absorbed by the body. Like 99.99 percent!

So what explains the commonly reported effect that it helps to reduce cravings? Placebo. Meaning if you believe something can happen, you can often give it the mental power to do so.

Food…or should I say…supplement…for thought?

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To Chromium or Not to Chromium? + supplements