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So you think you can't do yoga because you can't do the positions?

That is the number one reason I hear from my clients about why they cannot do yoga. They fear that because of their weight, they are not going to be able to move in a way that is"right".

The good news about yoga is, there is no"right" or"wrong" way to do it! There are plenty of people in those classes with injuries, arthritis, unique anatomical makeups, and sheer lack of flexibility. And they do just fine.

A good yoga class will offer more than one option for a pose, to give each person in that class an opportunity to participate. You can start with…and even stay with…the first option, or if you're feeling like you would like to challenge yourself…try a new option. And even if you can't do the first option, or hold it, the first time around, the effects of your moving your body in new and different ways are still there.

So with yoga, you simply get credit for showing up and trying!

Afraid you can't get through a class? The power of a simple pose can be significant. A simple downward dog (see photo) is associated with the following:

•Increased strength in your arms, shoulders, sides, chest and upper back, while stretching the muscles in your ankles, calves, thighs and lower back.

•Improved digestion.

•Improved symptoms of menopause, and relieved menstrual discomfort.

•Relief from mild depression and stress.

If you've never been to a yoga class, you have no idea what you might gain. Give it a try and see what happens!

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So you think you can't do yoga because you can't do the positions? + stress