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If you judge by looks, you might miss one of the best taste experiences you'll ever have! Cherimoyas

No trip to Los Angeles is complete without a cruise through the Venice Whole Foods to check out what's new, interesting, trendy, and likely to eventually wave across the country. So when my friend Jacque and I had a break between sales calls in Hollywood and Marina del Rey, I directed her to drive us to my favorite trend-shopping and people watching venue.

I was immediately drawn to a pile of pretty funky reptilian looking avocado-like somethings labeled as cherimoyas. I'd heard of these fruits, which rarely make it to Arizona because of their short shelf life. I talked Jacque into agreeing to share one with me. She was understandably reluctant, given its homely appearance, but she acquiesced.

That cherimoya made it all the way back to Arizona without being touched. It sat on my table for 4 days, being contemplated. Even though everything I'd Googled about told me it would be wonderful, I just could not wrap my brain around the possibility that something looking like THIS would taste so beautiful!

I finally sliced it open and had it for breakfast today. And I regretted, totally regretted, having spent the first half of my life without ever having one of these amazing fruits. Its flesh is soft, best eaten scooped out with a spoon. And its flavor…well…imagine every single tropical fruit you've ever eaten, all packed into one bite. Yup, that is a cherimoya. Simply amazing. Mother Nature was in a super good mood that day she was in South America creating the cherimoya.

Nutritionally, one fruit has about 230 calories…and 5 grams of protein! It is very low glycemic, as well.

So if you are anywhere, anywhere at all, between March and May when these delicious fruits are in season, I strongly advise you, to run as fast as you can to the store, put a few in your grocery cart, and bring them home to enjoy.

Don't waste as much time as I did!

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If you judge by looks, you might miss one of the best taste experiences you'll ever have! Cherimoyas + women