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A Valentine's Wish for our readers and fans

OK, you got up this morning, looked at your naked body in the mirror and sighed, wishing it looked more like that of media kittens Britney Spears or Katy Perry. How in the world can you feel young and sexy when PCOS is working so hard against you? When"Black Swan" feels more appropriately like how you feel?

It's just so much work to live with this disease. It's certainly no tea party. Why not just head for the chocolates right now?!?!?

I'll make you a deal.

--I'll continue to provide free advice, recipes, and education here on this blog, with hopes that you can save some money and reduce your sugar cravings. I'll work to"legalize" as many foods that you've been afraid to eat as possible.
--I will advocate for the health care system to take women more seriously without allowing the politics of reimbursement to interfere with your getting the best possible advice and treatment you possibly can. (You'll see an installment of that part of my promise later this week here on the blog.)
--I'll do my best to make sure the big guns with power to make decisions affecting your well being always have PCOS on their radar…and to make sure they know at least as much about this problem, if not more, than a passing issue like swine flu.
--I'll work to make it more attractive to businesses to offer deals that help you to be healthier, that are more useful than free iPads, even free Viagra.
--I'll work to develop as many Internet-based services as possible and expand the network as much as possible so that there is little need to travel far to get the help you need.

Whether the issue is PCOS or same-sex marriage, it frustrates me immensely when I see entire groups of people singled out and made to feel like somehow they're"less" because they're"different" (I prefer unique). I am inspired to advocate for respect and equality.

All I ask is that in return, today, you do just one thing for me. Actually for yourself.

Look in the mirror. Smile at who is looking back. Tell that smiling face she's beautiful. And do something nice for her.

After all, if I'm devoting my career to working on behalf of all of you, shouldn't you cut that woman a little slack and give her some love as well?

Be good to yourself today. You're the most important Valentine there is to be in love with.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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A Valentine's Wish for our readers and fans + women's health