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My wonderful story… to make a long story short

This is actually a post from Ellen Goldfarb, who you can hear on Internet radio tomorrow (see previous post). I am pasting her link on my blog roll for anyone who wishes to continue to follow her. She'll be here…and there!

So, I got married at a later age than most, 38 and knew that I wanted to have a family and so did my husband. We succesfully got pregnant on our own a year and a half after we got married however, sadly this ended in a miscarriage in the 10th week, when I went to the doctor there was no heartbeat. I had no idea. It was what they call a missed AB and so I had to get a DNC procedure. They asked if I wanted to have the tissue examined by a lab to see what had gone wrong, I told them yes. The determined that the cause of the miscarriage was due to a chromosome issue and they said most likely had to do with my age.
My husband and I were devastated! were we too late, he was 44 and I almost 40 and we had no children yet! what were our options?
We then spent and enormous amount of money doing IVF, we did one round in which we made 3 healthy embroyos and inserted them but …alas… nothing!
what were we to do?
I then started to think about adoption, but in the meantime, in the back of my mind I thought to myself, there must be something else I can do
Being a Dietitian, I started to research more about hormones, fertility and nutrition
I began to find an number of correlations between certain dietary patterns, sleep and exercise and fertility
I began to make changed in all of these areas and encouraged myhusband to do the same
We then took a trip to Hawaii and relaxed to get our minds off things
Right before I was to begin another round of fertility injections, we found out that I was pregnant(on my own) and we immediately stopped the injections
Now I am a nervous wreck again thinking something bad was going to happen and the first trimester was hell just waiting it out, but fortunately everything went fine, we had a CVS done and they said we were going to have a healthy baby girl!
I have birth to Arianna Belle on Sept 19th 2006, 4 months later, I was naturally pregnant again with my second healthy daugher Lauren Ivy who was born on October 10th 2007
These pregancies were both concieved naturally and both children are very healthy and doing great!
I really believe that if you make lifestyle changes, it can really effect your body and outcome
I now have expanded my private practice to support and help women who struggle with infertility and PCOS in addition to my specialty of treating Eating Disorders
My goal is to get as many women pregnant as I can with good nutrition and healthy lifetstyle practices
for more information about me, contact my website at
I would love to hear from you:)

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My wonderful story… to make a long story short + trip