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Getting to Know You

Hi! My name is Belynda and it is nice to meet you. I have been itching to get a blog going to be able to chat with some of the bloggers I have been reading.

I am at that sweet spot in life with my kids grown and I have time to figure out what I like to do. I have a good amount of job experience and a good amount of stay-home experience, too. Most of my job experience is in the secretarial field. I was at home during most of my child-raising years. Then I had a FUN job working at a hospital gift shop. It was like going shopping for a few hours each time I went to work.

Decorating is one of my passions and I rearrange and tweak things around my house A LOT. I like to cook, but am more along the lines of Sandra Lee than Ina Garten. My most favorite thing to shop for is: PURSES! Love them. I can get a rush from a new beauty product, too. Getting a "deal" is a big thrill for me and I love to tell people when I find one.

I am married and my husband and I have three sons. Our oldest is married to a beautiful girl and they live about 40 minutes from us, our middle son lives a little nearer to us-about 30 minutes away, and our youngest is finishing his last year in graduate school and still lives with us. I am sure a lot of my stories will involve them!

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