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What *really* works when it comes to weight loss?

I was standing at the grocery check out line last night, and my eyes unavoidably wandered to the magazine rack as I waited my turn. The weight-loss headlines on all those health and fitness magazines seem to scream, competing for my attention!

“The only workout you’ll ever need!”

“5 easy steps to a flat belly!”

“Lose 10 pounds this week without giving up dessert!”

“Get back into those skinny jeans with these three easy moves!”
I can’t help but roll my eyes and wonder if anyone who writes these really cares what happens beyond the purchase of the magazine. Most of those types of articles tend to recommend crash diets disguised as sound nutrition plans, and play to readers’ desires of maximum return on minimum investment with regard to exercise. But none of these things will set you up for long-term success.

If I could rewrite some of those headlines, they might look more like this:

“Get back to basics to get back in shape!”

“Lose the ‘extras’ and shed the extra weight!”

“Move it to lose it!”

“Get SMART about your goals!”

Those are my go-to tips for realistic weight management. There is such a focus on the “losing” part, and not much talk about what happens afterward! It’s easy to forget the work isn’t done after you’ve lost the weight. The ultimate goal then, isn’t just to lose the weight, it’s to maintain your new, healthier weight and the habits that got you there.

Get back to basics. In the kitchen, that means get back to fresh food, things that don’t tend to come in boxes and bags or are delivered through a drive-thru window. In life, that means, go outside and take a walk. Or, step away from the computer once in a while and walk over to your coworker’s desk to talk (instead of emailing) about that project you’re working on.

Lose the extras, like soda, excessive alcohol and mindless snacks. Ask yourself: Do I really need to sip on Mountain Dew all day while I work? And do I have to get the cookie with that salad I ordered just because it’s free? One beer or one glass of wine to unwind or enjoy with dinner is nice… but do I really need more than that? And when I’m at the movies… seriously. Is it that hard to watch a whole movie without a vat of popcorn or a suitcase-sized box of M&Ms on my lap?

Move more! It doesn’t matter if the perfect conditions for a regular workout routine are not in place. That should eliminate excuses like “I have no time.” And “I can’t afford a gym membership.” Just do something – NOW. Just make the commitment to moving more than you currently do.
Not starting, or giving up simply because things aren’t going perfectly are the complete opposite of jump starting anything. I choose instead to aim for progress, not perfection.

Get SMART about your goals! SMART goals are specific and measureable, attainlable and realistic, with a time-sensitive deadline. One of my clients set great SMART goal this year: “I will train to complete the Pat Tillman Run on April 16th in under 40 minutes by running three times a week for the next three months, building up my endurance and distance until I can run 4.2 miles within my goal time.”

How about you? What have you found to work best, what real-world tips would you offer to someone who wants to get their health and their weight under control?

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What *really* works when it comes to weight loss? + women's health