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What if this information isn't working?

We focus a lot on the successes our program achieves, but I thought I'd take a blog post to talk about what happens when it doesn't work. I'm not so sure that's the way to describe unexpected results, but since that's how clients often perceive and define it, that's what I'll use for this discussion.

PCOS is a counterintuitive syndrome. It doesn't follow the typical weight loss patterns that most diets address and promote. If you're looking for"x" pounds of weight loss in"x" amount of time, it can set you up for disappointment. In fact, if you've got certain numbers in your head, and you don't get there in a certain timespan, it can set you up to be tempted to cut your calories back too severely, or exercise too intensely. With PCOS, one of your most important mantras needs to be"more is not better and moderation is best."

Are you gentle with yourself? Or do you tend to punish yourself if your body doesn't act exactly the way you wish you could just push-button program it to? One of the worst things you can do is stress out about changes not happening on a certain schedule. Cortisol, a very powerful stress hormone, is one of the hormones you just don't want to add to the mix. Be sure you treat yourself well, every day, even on the days your weight is not what you think it should be, when your pregnancy test is negative, when your blood test didn't show changes you hoped for. Sometimes it takes awhile for changes to blossom, and they have the best chance of doing so if you're consistent with your behavior. (Soon I'm hoping a network member will be sharing her own testimonial about the benefits of slow and steady…it's very motivating and inspiring.)

Are you too"black and white" with your problem solving? If you tried something that someone recommended, and you didn't see results in the time frame you expected…did you toss the idea completely because it"didn't work"? Or did you step outside of yourself and play detective, asking yourself if the change needed adjusting in dose, time, consistency…? Are you looking for the perfect food? Or are you letting yourself gradually introduce new and different ways to change your overall intake? Are you allowing for fun foods, or are you trying to completely eliminate foods you feel are"bad"?

Are you applying the wrong solution to the wrong problem? Of course, this is a nutrition website, and we believe wholeheartedly in the power of nutrition. But nutrition cannot solve everything. Sometimes the driving force behind an eating problem is a mood disorder. If you have bipolar disorder or severe depression, good nutrition can definitely help, but it may not be the most important thing you need to do to restore balance. As much as we believe in nutrition, we believe even more in the mind-body connection. If your mind is out of balance, and not being prioritized…you'll be chasing its cravings with the foods that throw your hormones out of whack. It's important to honor your mental health and ask for help with it if you notice that it's hard to slow down your thoughts or to not be negative.

For the most part, my experience is not that the information isn't working, but rather, that a client hasn't given it time to work.

Remember, slow and steady. Be gentle with yourself. Trust that your body knows what it needs to do to get healthy. When we don't get in the way and make it even harder for it to get there.

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What if this information isn't working? + tips