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Welcome to all!

Hello everyone,

It's time I learned to blog! I hope you enjoy this as much as I expect to. I've created this blog as a venue for current members of my PCOS network to post, support, and market their classes and services. The members of this network have completed a 20 hour course on PCOS. Most are registered dietitians. They all are here to help you!

inCYST is a new program I pilot tested in Phoenix and Marina del Rey this summer. We had a great time in both cities, getting acquainted and getting our feet on the ground. The students were not the only ones who learned. In California I had to become familiar with different foods available in grocery stores…in Arizona I spent much of my summer reading new research to incorporate into the classes taught in both locations.

I hope inCYST is an inspiration and a source of information that is useful and inspiring to each and everyone of you.

Hope to see lots of you in 2008,


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Welcome to all! + time to be