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Resolve in 2009 to eat more healthy food for less money!

One of the most common complaints I get from clients trying to follow recommendations for healthier eating is that it's more expensive. In this economy, that is not a problem to take lightly.

I would like to challenge you to consider whether you're actually doing your accounting correctly when you come to this conclusion.

First of all, consider that when changing your kitchen cabinets over to your new way of eating, you're completely replacing inventory. If you try to do a one time overhaul, and you're throwing out food in the process, it certainly can feel as if you're spending money in a wasteful fashion. How about, instead, replacing foods that you use up, with healthier alternatives? That can spread the initial investment out over time.

Secondly, if you're eating more at home, think about whether or not your food bill is grabbing your attention because it's concentrated one on receipt. One client I worked with a few years ago felt like his grocery bill had escalated when working with me, but when we factored in all the Starbucks and Subway runs and vending machine snacks that he'd eliminated, he was actually SAVING about $75 a month. That's where people often get nailed, in the nickel and diming that fast and snack foods do to your pocketbook. I like to only spend money on food using my debit card. That way when I enter it into Quicken, I can better track the expenditures I realistically can do without.

Thirdly, if the price you're paying for eating cheaper food is more doctor visits and medications, maybe it's not such a deal. Perhaps if you lump food and medical expenses together for the purposes of analysis, you'll see that even though you might be spending more money on food, the medical savings you experience more than makes up for the investment. That's what happened to the client I mentioned above. Within a month, he was able to cut his blood pressure medication needs in half.

If you're looking for a way to stretch your food dollar while still eating healthfully, check out this website: Mambo Sprouts runs specials and manages coupons for stores like Whole Foods. Their website is full of healthy living ideas, recipes, and coupons to help you save money while changing your habits. And there's more! You can sign up for their newsletter and get regular electronic updates…with coupons to help you save money!

When changing behaviors, it's important to have consistent reminders to keep you on track. Simply resolving on January 1 that things are going to be different isn't likely to result in meaningful changes. Having a friendly reminder with money saving opportunities attached can be a fun incentive to actually make the changes that will make a difference.

Make 2009 the year your resolutions aren't just things you look forward to on January 1, but things you look backward to on December 31 and say to yourself,"Hey, I did it and I feel great!"

Why not cruise over to Mambo Sprouts and see what kind of deals they have?

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Resolve in 2009 to eat more healthy food for less money! + tips