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Welcoming our new Minnesota team

I noticed that yesterday someone was looking for PCOS support in Minnesota. The timing is perfect, since the new network members from Minnesota are just getting up and running!

Michele Gorman of Twin City Nutrition and Charla Schultz at the Mayo Clinic have been doing great work with PCOS, and with their help in the last years I have been able to bring my training to her backyard to develop even more options for help.

Each of the new members is in the process of getting up and running and learning the ins and outs of our blog…in the meantime, if you are wanting to contact them, you can post a comment to this blog.

The roster of our Minnesota members is:

Michele Gorman, Edina
Charla Schultz, Rochester
Erin Jaskulke, Mankato
Rebecca Driscoll, Mendota Heights/St. Paul
Joan Giampaoli, St. Louis Park
Janelle Fuchs, St. Louis Park

Please let us know how we can help you!

ADDENDUM 3/28/09 The comments attached to this post are from Minnesota team members who have provided their contact information for your reference. Please make use of the information!: )

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Welcoming our new Minnesota team + tips