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Been thinking about acupuncture? See how it's done in this video

Acupuncture is increasingly being valued for its potential in treating PCOS and infertility. Karen Siegel, one of our network members in Houston, Texas, is a licensed acupuncturist in addition to being a registered dietitian. She treats PCOS, eating disorders, and other PCOS-related issues in a most unique fashion, given her combined Eastern and Western training.

Here is a video of a demo she did on a radio talk show host in Houston which shows how acupuncture is done.

One of the most frequent questions I get, when I recommend acupuncture, is whether or not the needles hurt. You can see in Karen's demo that the radio host continues on with his work even though he's in the middle of a treatment.

Karen's comment about Western medicine and stress is important. It's the one part of PCOS that medication and surgery has a hard time addressing.

Perhaps acupuncture is a tool that can enhance your own treatment progress.

If you'd like to work with Karen, she can be found at the Acupuncture and Nutrition Clinic in Houston, Texas.

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Been thinking about acupuncture? See how it's done in this video + women's health