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Exciting PCOS research update!

We've been blessed in a wonderful way!

inCYST friend Rebekah Rawlins Rocheleau is working on graduate studies in psychology and has decided to devote her project to a PCOS-related issue. She asked if I'd be involved in reading the project and providing feedback so I guess you can say we've embarked on our very first research endeavor.

So many thanks to Rebekah for helping us get established as a center devoted to PCOS research.

Rebekah's project will be looking at factors that motivate and demotivate women with PCOS when it comes to taking action and changing behavior.

I'm especially excited about this focus because I'm convinced that one of the biggest barriers to women with PCOS pursuing health is not that there is not information available for them to capitalize on. Rather it is about the reasons why they do not utilize this information on a regular basis in order to better their situation and their fate.

We'll be sure to keep you posted!

Thanks again, Rebekah! So excited to be involved!

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Exciting PCOS research update! + life