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Good news for vegetarians

A significant percentage of the women I counsel, whether their issues are officially related to PCOS or not, are vegetarian. They get in trouble with their vegan lifestyle because it eliminates the essential nutrients DHA and EPA.

Not any more!

Marine algae is an up and comer in the omega-3 world. It's been increasingly incorporated into foods, which I've written about before. Now, the people who developed this ingredient are reporting that this algal DHA is as effective as salmon in increasing the body's DHA levels.

You can either take it as a supplement, or you can find it in popular foods. The best place to go in order to get the list of foods you can use is the Martek website. I'm also including the"Life's DHA" logo here, because it's on the packaging for these products for easy identification.

No more excuses, all you vegans! You can make choices that help you to be healthier while honoring your culinary code of ethics.: )

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