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Pink sang it best…you are nothing less than perfect

This song came on the radio the other day. It's not new to me, but this time it hit me in a very deep place. Probably because my recent meditations and prayers have been going out to some very special people. Some are clients, some are loved ones in my private inner circle. I think I needed to hear it on this particular day to be reminded of what people often go through, even if they don't show it. And how especially important it is to love, on the days it is the absolute hardest to do so. Sometimes people are hurting so very much, how they act just comes out sideways. It's important to look past the immediate behavior and see the heart underneath that always simply wants love.
I know many of you struggling with PCOS, or who just happened to come to this blog because Google happened to send you here on an unrelated search, feel like you're far less than perfect. So I'm passing the gift I received when this came on the radio, on to you. It's useless if I keep it to myself. Pretty, pretty please…remember these words on the dark days. They really do pertain to you.: )

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Pink sang it best…you are nothing less than perfect + love