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This blog will hopefully be looking different very soon (because it will be so much better!)

Hello everyone,

I just returned from Columbus, Ohio, where I trained 10 new colleagues from that part of the country to work with women with PCOS. I am simultaneously exhausted (from the 3 hour time difference), excited (to see who's coming in to the network), and very humbled (by the strength of the women I spent time with and who have so much to offer all of you looking for help and support).

Yesterday 3 women in the group, all registered dietitians, volunteered to share their personal experiences with PCOS, weight, and infertility. I know it took a lot for them to share such personal information with their peers, especially since dietitians are supposed to"have it all together" when it comes to weight, nutrition, and health…and I am very grateful for them to have the courage and the willingness to let us in to their lives for the purpose of learning and being better at what we do.

I want anyone reading this blog to know, this network is not just dietitians with degrees in nutrition. We are women, we've had our experiences, good and bad, with doctors, fertility, body image, depression, you name it. We come to you because we want to support you. Not just from what we learned in school to pass a test, but in the wisdom that comes through life's challenges. As we grow, the depth of experience we have in a variety of situations also grows. I am starting to feel that we're reaching a point where there is"someone for everyone" in our group. You are not alone in how you feel, what you've experienced, what you hope for, who you aspire to be.

I actually feel like a bit of an outsider here, as I am single, have no kids, and have never been through an infertility treatment. PCOS simply happened to follow me wherever I was, and when I decided to look a little closer, I realized there were an awful lot of women out there who needed help who were not getting it. Or who had asked for help, spent a lot of money, and been disappointed and left feeling worse than before they tried to do something to better their situation. Because I didn't feel like I had the experience or that I was given the life situation that allowed me to say"I understand, I've been there," I aspired to create a network made of up of women who COULD be that kind of support. My place would be to provide the science and the business structure and the encouragement.

We're there. I am hoping that I will gradually be able to take a step back on this blog and let those who can do this better than me, do what they are so very good at doing. I'll still be here, but I am very excited to be surrounded with colleagues who have me feeling like I belong to the most awesome team in the world. Not like I'm alone, climbing Mt. Everest, on my stomach, pulling myself along with just one of my arms. It used to feel that way, for a very long time. And I'm so excited that this concept has gone from being so lonely to being so full of support.

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This blog will hopefully be looking different very soon (because it will be so much better!) + time to be