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Let's see how many of you head to the gym after reading this one: )

Received a great question from an inCYST member yesterday. She's been very committed to her exercise program, has been regularly visiting the gym for strength training, and has noticed the usual things that happen when you exercise regularly…namely, that clothes start to get too big.

But she has also noticed something really interesting that has been happening, ever since she has started doing squats. Namely, that the urinary problems she'd had, have disappeared. She wanted to know if squat exercises help to strengthen vaginal muscles.

I decided to surf for an answer. And it turns out they do! There are some pretty obvious benefits other than urinary function…and I told her she may just have hit on a great motivator for getting more of you to the gym. Ha!: )

Seriously, I love that she asked this question. It means she's paying more attention to her body, making positive connections between exercise and how she feels…and most of all, that she has a comfort level with inCYST that allows her to ask these kinds of questions.

One of the interesting things about dealing with a diagnosis that involves fertility, is that it forces you to learn to become comfortable with your sexuality. If we can help with that as well as the medical issues you may originally have come to us for, it is icing on the cake!

So if you think more squats may be something you want to work on, for whatever reason motivates you…here is a link on proper technique.

And don't be embarrassed to throw any question you might have out there. Chances are, someone else has the same question, and if not, in the process of answering it, you might help inspire someone else on their own path to wellness.

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Let's see how many of you head to the gym after reading this one: ) + women