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Nutrition 101: Pantothenic acid

Again, looking at this list of foods, I thought of the many vegans following our blog. If you're not seeing many foods here you can eat on a regular basis, think multivitamin.

Here's a great example, too, of why even though we love salmon for its omega-3 content, it is not showing up as a source of pantothenic acid. But there's cod, tuna, and lobster. The more you vary your diet, the easier it is to get all the nutrients you need to be in balance.

PCOS Diva does it again with her weekly menus! I almost felt bad about sending her such a short list but she comes up with great suggestions no matter what the challenge…thanks!

Fish, cod (cooked)

Tuna (light, canned in water)
Broccoli (cooked)
Lentils (cooked)
Split peas (cooked)
Sweet potato
Bread, whole wheat

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Nutrition 101: Pantothenic acid + vegan