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The BPA--PCOS Link…What To Do? Part 2 of 3

Even though it has been identified that BPA in the body is higher in women with PCOS than with women without it, what to do with this finding has yet to be clarified.

What the study did NOT tell us that still needs to be examined:

1. What level of BPA is associated with the beginning of onset of symptoms.
2. What period of a person's life is it most dangerous to be exposed to BPA--in the womb? Early childhood? Or accumulated exposure throughout life?
3. What is the best way to remove BPA from the body.
4. What rapid changes in weight do to BPA levels and liver/kidney function, since it tends to be stored in fat.
5. Whether or not there should be a"holding period" of weight loss before pursuing conception, to reduce exposure of the baby to any residual biologically available toxins.

I did find a web reference to a physician who sells a detoxifying supplement, supposedly peer-reviewed, but I couldn't find any independent supporting verification for his product. That is why I will not post the link here. It was not scientifically strong enough to convince me to encourage its use. If that changes, I'll be sure to update you.

The bottom line is, it's reasonable to infer that too much BPA in the body has strong potential to interfere with healthy hormone function. We can expect that in the future there will be a solution for lowering blood and tissue BPA levels that is scientifically sound, as well as safe.

And we can do our best to be more aware from this point forward of where BPA comes from and how to avoid it. I'll talk more about those kinds of actions tomorrow.

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The BPA--PCOS Link…What To Do? Part 2 of 3 + perfect body