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A must-listen if you have an eating disorder with your PCOS

Hello everyone,

I missed the live version of this interview but stayed up until midnight listening to it. I was going to just catch the first few minutes but Ellen and Sasha did such a wonderful job of talking about body image, eating disorders, and PCOS, I was hooked!

It's such a great, thorough, and compassionate look at a part of PCOS that is not easy to discuss. A lot of physicians who treat PCOS are more skilled at managing your lab values than your emotions…and it can be frustrating to feel that such an important part of your disorder is not being acknowledged.

I do not intend to criticize physicians with my comment. They are often under pressure to see their patients in a tightly scheduled day, and if they're good at managing your insulin level, they need to be respected for what they're best at.

One of the things PCOS Challenge AND inCYST are trying to do, is provide support that sometimes simply is not available in a medical office visit. A major goal at inCYST, as well, is to network with physicians and help them understand the importance of recognizing this very important aspect of PCOS, and knowing where to refer their patients if they can't or don't want to be the caregiver offering emotional support.

If you've been feeling like that support is what you need, then a good start might be to listen to this broadcast. I guarantee, at the very least, you will learn that you're not alone.

Thanks, Sasha and Ellen, for taking the time to talk so compassionately about such a challenging topic!

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A must-listen if you have an eating disorder with your PCOS + women's health tips