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Insomniacs unite! We've got a great event for you in Marina del Rey on July 24

Working with PCOS has taught me how prevalent the problem of poor sleep is. People who don't sleep well tend to gravitate toward caffeine and sugar all day long, and the vicious cycle can lead to insulin resistance and weight gain.

I've become increasingly concerned about the percentage of inCYST clients on Ambien and Lunesta, not to mention CPAP machines. I just have never been able to believe that this has to be the fate of the non-sleeper.

But…I also knew that even if insomniacs were motivated to spend all of a weekend day in a workshop designed to help them, they'd likely drift off right in the middle of it! So I've been working with colleague Nancy Carballo to develop an experiential alternative giving participants a chance to learn and experience a few different opportunities to look at insomnia a little more naturalistically.

I'm excited! We've planned yoga on the beach, a didgeridoo lesson (since this instrument helps to strengthen the muscles commonly weakened in sleep apnea), a couple of laid back lectures, and sleep-friendly eating (including dinner with popular LA dark dining restaurant, Opaque). Our spa partner in this endeavor, Creative Chakra, is also offering additional massages and light therapy sessions.

We have a Facebook page for the event…you can join us there to let us know you'd like to be notified when we open registration, or you can write me directly at

Anyone with insomnia, whether or not they have PCOS, is welcome to participate.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz you there!

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Insomniacs unite! We've got a great event for you in Marina del Rey on July 24 + sleep disorders