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Is apple cider vinegar truly superior to other vinegars?

I am posing a challenge to those individuals, professional and otherwise, about claims they make with regard to apple cider vinegar (ACV). I don't deny that it has health benefits but what I do question is the claim that it is superior to other vinegars. I have been looking all over the scientific literature and cannot find any studies comparing ACV to other vinegars. I am currently looking through all references to vinegar on PubMed, but there are over 60,000. So far, the claim is not supported. If anyone can speed up the process, or if I am missing something, I would appreciate the peer-reviewed resource.

Even if the situation is that ACV is likely to be found superior but the study is yet to be done, on behalf of accurately reporting science, that is how we need to frame our information.

It is important that we disseminate accurate information, rather than simply forward what sounds good.

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Is apple cider vinegar truly superior to other vinegars? + women