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Love Greek yogurt? Save money and make it yourself!

I love Greek yogurt, but I hate the price. Truth is, the reason it costs more is that it contains more"yogurt" than regular yogurt. So you're paying for it by the gram of protein you're actually getting. You're also paying for the cost of making it, which is pretty much nothing more than straining the water out of it. It's super easy to do in your own kitchen.

Here are some photos from my own Greek yogurt making in my kitchen over the weekend.

I took a container of plain regular yogurt and dumped it into a strainer that was placed over a mixing bowl. I just let it sit there for about 3 hours and let the liquid drip into the mixing bowl, as you can see.

Here is the liquid I strained out of an entire container of plain yogurt.

And this is how much Greek yogurt you can get out of the container when you strain it. Well, maybe a half cup more, I had a snack and didn't remember until I took that out of the bowl that I wanted to take these photos.: )

Now you can understand why the ready-made Greek yogurt costs more than regular yogurt--you're getting a whole lot more for your money! But you can still save money if you're willing to do the two minutes of labor it takes to strain it yourself.

Also, since it's pretty hard to find Greek yogurt containing vitamin D, you can buy a plain version that DOES contain it and get the additional nutritional value.


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Love Greek yogurt? Save money and make it yourself! + protein