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What's your problem solving personality?

Several years ago, I watched an interesting interview with a psychologist, who talked about the personalities of the people who survived being in the World Trade Center on September 11. He said that in a stressful situation, people tend to do one of three things.

1. They act now and think later.

2. They hesitate, look around at what others are doing, and eventually come up with a course of action.

3. They freeze and do nothing.

Most of the people who survived September 11 were in the first category. Based on the phone recordings and interviews with survivors, this psychologist concluded that about half of those in category 2 survived. We all know what happened to those in category three.

I have seen this exact psychology in action this week, with the post about the new myoinositol supplement, Pregnitude.

I received quite a few emails from"1ers", those who ordered the supplement or scheduled an appointment with their physicians to discuss how it could fit into their treatment plan.

I received even more emails and comments from"2ers" who did not take the time to click through to the article with all the details, instead asked a lot of questions even though they already had the answers. Many wanted me to reassure them that if they tried this…it was going to work. I didn't get the vibe that many of these women took the initiative to make the appointment or the purchase.

And even though I didn't hear from the"3ers", I could see their inaction in the fact that the majority of the women who received the announcement did not click through to learn more.

Late yesterday my cousin sent me the photo posted above. It really expresses my sentiments. You know I want to help you. I want very, very much to help you.

I just can't leave that burning building for you.

Won't you at least consider upgrading from a 3 to a 2? I bet if you read that information you might find something useful and helpful.

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What's your problem solving personality? + women