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eMarket Profile: Zing Bars, created by experts in good nutrition for expert eaters of good nutrition

I'm partial to Zing Bars, if you haven't figured that out. But if you know me, I say"no" to far more business opportunities than I say"yes" to. It takes a lot for me to wax enthusiastic about any product, because my own relationship with all of YOU is placed on the line with every business relationship I forge.

Today's post is about the people behind Zing, because while their bar is fantastic, it is these four humans and their consistent attention to excellence that is the basis for my support of their bars. My pals in Seattle do an awfully good job of getting the word out about their product, but they're also quite humble about the incredible collection of personal experience and professional training that is the foundation for their company. It's part of what I really like about David, Sandi, Kathleen, and Minh-Hai. They love what they do…so much…they spend more time actually DOING it than they do TALKING about it. They've been great supporters of women with PCOS, and inCYST, from the very beginning. I was not at all surprised that they were the very first vendor to respond to my invitation to join our new eMarket.

If you started to investigate how many nutrition supplements were actually conceived by and produced by people who were trained in the science of nutrition, you'd learn that the list is quite short. Most bars are made by business people who had a great idea, who had an interest in nutrition, and had the business savvy to use the two interests to bring a product to market. If there's a nutritionist anywhere in the business plan, they were often hired as a consultant, as an afterthought. When the business owner realized the bar would be even more profitable if it had a professional endorsement.

That is why I love Zing Bars. They were conceived by well-trained nutrition professionals who were working on the front lines, knew the common issues facing their clients, and decided to create a solution for the repetetive issues showing up in their counseling sessions. In reverse order of most of their competitors, they then sought out the business experts to help them launch their idea. I knew these people for years before they took this project on, and always respected the way they pursued excellence in clinical practice. For them to actually create a food…well, it was a no brainer that it would be high-quality.

All four of these colleagues hold master's degrees from Bastyr University, which means in addition to their solid foundation in traditional allopathic medicine, they also have advanced training from a respected naturopathic institute. I don't know about you, but I really, really like the fact that bringing solid science in a practical way to people who wanted to eat well, as opposed to wanting a piece of the profitable nutrition industry pie, is the foundation for this business.

CEO David Ingalls, despite the work it takes to keep this growing company fueled and healthy, STILL has a counseling practice at the Seattle Healing Arts Center. That takes a lot of emotional and physical energy, as both could be full time jobs, but he shared with me that his individual work with people is what helps him to understand how to keep Zing Bars moving forward. He's staying in touch with real people and genuinely wants to provide them with a product that helps them feel better and appreciate his love for nutrition and health. David spent some time recently sharing the Zing Story on our radio show. It's worth a click and listen to.

Co-founder Sandi Kaplan works as Associate Director of Clinical Support and Development for Free & Clear’s Mind & Body Program. She has celiac disease herself and her experience with that diet significantly influences her desire to put tasty, celiac-friendly foods on grocery shelves.

Co-founder Kathleen Putnam is also co-owner of Nutrition Works Seattle, and she has been counseling clients for over 15 years. Kathleen has incorporated counseling, public speaking, education and medical nutrition therapy into her practice. She worked extensively with Swedish Medical Center in the Dean Ornish, Cardiac Rehab and wellness programs. She is certified as a parent coach, EBT (Emotional Brain Training) provider, and Shapedown provider for pediatric obesity. Kathleen has contributed to professional writings, hosted message boards for WebMD and EBT, and a talk show on VoiceAmerica. All those hours spent listening to what people want, don't want, like, don't like, wish they could find, etc…has definitely played a part in the formulation of Zing Bars. By the way, Kathleen and Minh-Hai (below) were recommended by Seattle Magazine as the"go-to" nutrition experts in their city. That is an honor in such a health-conscious city where salmon and blueberries are local treats.: )

Co-founder Minh-Hai Tran, also of Nutrition Works Seattle, has many specialties, including compulsive and emotional overeating, eating disorders, metabolic disorders, sports nutrition, bariatric nutrition, and optimizing wellness for busy people. Her non-diet approach has been endorsed by DailyCandy, and her health perspectives have been published in The Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, and more. Minh-Hai also enjoys writing Nutrition & the City, a fun monthly blog for Girl Power Hour. Prior to moving to the Northwest, Minh-Hai worked as a consultant, writer and speaker in the vitamin and supplement industry in her hometown, Dallas, TX. She has consulted with the Dallas Mavericks Basketball Team and has been frequently featured as a guest on The Ticket sports radio station. Also, she enjoys being an active member of The Center for Mindful Eating.

So…do you want a bar that started out as a great idea to make money and then became a nutrition product? Or do you want a bar that started out as a nutrition problem identified by a team of experts who knew best what the answer would be, and who then learned the nuts and bolts of organizing the resources to make it happen?

If your answer is the same one I have, click here to order some Zing for yourself.

Reminder: From now through Labor Day, 100% of all profits generated by the inCYST eMarket will be devoted to the inCYST Institute nonprofit division. We've got startup costs to account for before we can get down to the basics of funding research. This is one way we plan to generate those funds. You can help to make it happen!

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eMarket Profile: Zing Bars, created by experts in good nutrition for expert eaters of good nutrition + Zing Bars