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Is this your barrier?"I can't afford to do what I need to do"

I receive emails and comments from time to time, suggesting that my suggestions for PCOS management are unrealistic because they cost too much money.

Here is what I think about that.

I've offered expensive courses…no one came. I've offered free courses…no one came. I've tried every price on the scale…and learned that the resistance was not about price point. No matter what the price, people did not come. I am not the only person trying to help women with PCOS who experience this.

I recently spent a morning at a local food bank, with people who REALLY can't afford groceries. We are trying to figure out a way, at Chow Locally, to be sure that the wonderful foods we bring to our customers, in some way, also find their way to less fortunate people. We live in a city where 1 in 4 children goes to bed hungry, and improving access to quality food for everyone of our neighbors is important to us. I have donated a free consultation and kitchen makeover to Share Our Strength, a fundraiser devoted to wiping out hunger. I am acutely aware that hunger is a problem in this community. I am a nutrition professional who doesn't just tweet about it, she spends part of each day doing something to help solve the problem.

The picture above is from the Desert Mission Food Bank here in Phoenix. They have a chef who demonstrates how to make healthy food on a limited budget. All he has to cook with, are a toaster oven and a hot plate. And his food is tasty, nutritious…fabulous.

I was blown away. Here were people who really, truly, justifiably COULD use money as an excuse to not eat well…and they were doing everything in their power to get good, healthy food, and to learn how to use it well. It is hard for me when I see such a disconnect between people who really, truly don't have access to food, working so hard to have so little, and to know I can only help them a little bit, and then in my work day, negotiate with people who really truly do have breathing room that they either may not be able to or be willing to see, and not succeed in illuminating options.

If you need help getting food stamps, ask for that help. If you need help finding places where you can find healthy food within your budget, ask. But understand, no matter how much money you have or don't have, there are things you can do.

If you are eating well, by the way, you are likely spending less, not more money on food. Eating seasonally, eating less fast food, less packaged food, giving up the soda pop…usually adds up to money saved. I'm not asking anyone to eat like kings here. I certainly don't!

If Chef Ed can create what he does for his food bank patrons, given the restrictions he has, and his students can eat well on little to no money, so can you.

It is not your situation that is making you sick. It is how you are choosing to manage your situation that makes the difference.

I believe in you and I work on your behalf. But I can't invest in the changes that will make the difference. If you don't invest in yourself…who will?

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Is this your barrier?"I can't afford to do what I need to do" + women