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Thank you for your support — our research institution is in the works!

I cannot tell you how taken back (in the most wonderful of ways) I was last week to have so many of you step up and offer donations, services, and support for the research institute idea. Thanks to all of you, you've inspired me to go ahead with the idea.

Here is where we stand as of today.

For a variety of reasons, though I currently live in Phoenix, I will be launching this institute in California, with a physical headquarters in Los Angeles.

We're currently in that common dilemma many new nonprofits face, that is, how to raise funds to offset the startup costs when we are not officially started up and legally able to accept donations. We're currently working on the solution that will have us officially in existence by June 2011.

Our focus will be to fund research regarding hormone health, with a focus on nonpharmalogical and nonsurgical options to common issues such as PCOS.

We've got a lot of work ahead of us, I've been told this type of venture is no picnic, but it's definitely an adventure worth pursuing.

I'll keep you posted as we progress.

Thanks for all the support and offers…we're definitely going to need a lot behind us as we put all the pieces together!

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Thank you for your support — our research institution is in the works! + women's health