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Reaching across the aisle and offering support

I'm inspired to write this post as a result of having a handful of women follow our advice on their own, and once they discovered they were pregnant, they reached out and asked for help.

I am truly honored and flattered that these women have reached out. What is heartbreaking for me is, that in more than one case, by the time they reached out, there was not much I could do…and the story has not always had a happy ending.

I am not writing this to shame or scold anyone, or to suggest that I could have changed the course of anyone's pregnancy. I am not God and I do not aspire to be.

But when I read these posts collectively, it strikes me that while some of you really, really wish to have a child, you don't believe you can. Of course you don't. There is a whole industry out there needing you to believe that, because that belief on your part is what keeps them in business.

So you kind of sort of try what we offer, for a day here, a day there, and even if the changes are sporadic, they are enough to gently shift your hormones in the direction they should be going. For at least part of the journey. But not all of it. And when the journey abruptly ends, it is not just your heart that breaks. My heart breaks too.

My wish for all of you, is that before you embark on this journey, you commit to believing in it. You cannot have trepidation. You cannot just dip your toes in the water and run the minute it gets hard. You have to believe you can do this. All of it. The better sleep habits, the better eating habits, all of it. You have to do it without a"what if?" in your head. Because if you're kind of sort of doing this, and a pregnancy catches you off guard, you may have done a lot of what you need to do, but not enough.

Again, I'm not here to shame you. At all. It is far worse for me to see some of you nearly hit the finish line…only to have it snatched from you just as you thought you had it. I think it is worse than never seeing it at all.

The time to commit to this taking better care of yourself thing, is now. Not if and when you conceive. Nothing we ask you to do here is wacky, expensive, toxic. All we are doing is showing you how to self-nurture. It is doable, and should be done. Now. Not just because you want to conceive, but because you deserve to take care of yourself.

We cannot treat individual cases here on this blog, so while we give you an awful lot of information and some of it works really well for some of you, it is not sufficient for everyone.

I encourage you to either get involved in a Power Up for PCOS group where you can access more detailed information, or reach out and ask for an individual consultation. Yes, there is a lot of information to be had for free on the Internet. And yes, there are really expensive options you can buy. We aspire to be right in the middle, to be the best we can be with the information we are really good with. Sometimes it does require an investment.

We would love to invest in your learning how to invest the best possible self-care you can give yourself. Don't put it off until you conceive. Make it part of your conception plan.

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Reaching across the aisle and offering support + women