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Invest in yourself and give back at the same time!

If you're not here in Phoenix, you likely aren't aware that I have a good friend, Ken Clark, who is all about making our world here a better place. For the past year, I've worked with Ken and his hand-picked committee to create monthly events celebrating new small businesses taking a risk on downtown Phoenix. (Here we like to call it CenPho.)

Ken recently decided to take his vision one step further and create a referral network, the CenPho Charity Referral Network, in which anyone who participates, who receives a business referral through this network, will donate a percentage of that business to a charity. I was very flattered when he asked me to be part of this network, not to mention excited, because giving back and paying forward are always what inCYST has been about.

Businesses belonging to this network are listed below. If you patronize any of them, and you tell them that I referred you, they will donate to a local charity. Details for each individual's offer, as well as information on members (there are more coming on board) can be found on our new Facebook page.

Ken Clark, local REALTOR® and dog owner (really) works all over the valley, but specializes in Central Phoenix, historic properties and urban living. If you send Ken a referral for a home sale or purchase, and that transaction closes, he will make a personal donation to the charity of your choice. It is as simple as that!

Matthew Fritz of SuTRA Midtown (we interviewed his wife Rebecca about their SuTRA Mum yoga program awhile back) will make a 5% donation for referrals on yoga packages and massage therapy.

Marshall Shore, named a best of Phoenix by Phoenix New Times, takes armchair tourists on a rollicking illustrated ride through Arizona and the valley during its heyday, after the car arrived. His live presentation celebrates unique people and architecture in a theatrical blend of images and storytelling. The Arizona Centennial is rapidly approaching, and Marshall is looking forward to creating presentations for events along this theme.

Dallas Gold with the Funds Transfer Alliance will help your business with any and all credit card processing needs. Dallas will make a contribution to a referrer's favorite charity equal to 5% of the gross contract.

Jenny Poondingo of CO+HOOTS, Phoenix's biggest co-work space will make a contribution to a referrer's favorite charity equal to 5% of the gross co-work space contract. If you're not in Phoenix but happen to be here in need of workspace for the day, Janeny has a drop-in option, and is conveniently located to the major downtown business area.

Local Artist & Graphic Designer, Christine Cassano will make a contribution to a referrer's favorite charity equal to 5% of the gross contract. If you don't have a choice of charities, she will make a contribution to behalf of the person[s] / organization to Free Arts of Arizona: Free Arts of Arizona is a nonprofit organization that brings the healing powers of the creative arts to abused, neglected and homeless children by partnering with over 100 group homes, treatment centers and shelters in Maricopa County. (BTW, Christine shared her PCOS story with us on the radio show awhile back. Please tune in to the recording to learn more about her!)

As for my part, I'd like to combine this effort with the research foundation I mentioned last week. So here's what I'm willing to do.

From this point forward,

--5% of any sale (counseling, professional training, or restaurant menu/recipe consulting) will be donated to the inCYST research foundation.
--if a referral comes in to inCYST through the CenPho Charity Referral Network, I'll donate an additional 5% to the charity of your choice. If you don't designate a charity, I'll donate to the St. Mary's Food Bank.

Be sure to mention that you were referred by me so others may benefit from your purchase!

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Invest in yourself and give back at the same time! + women's health