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What to expect from a fertility consultation

I have had a handful of inquiries in the last week about an inCYST fertility consultation. I thought I would lay out, honestly, what it is we do and what we do not do, in order that you know exactly what it is you are contacting us for when you do, and to prevent disappointment by hoping we might be something we are not.

1. We do not make babies. We are not fertility clinics. If what you are looking for, is someone to give you a baby, a fertility clinic is where you should be asking for help.

2. We DO, if there is anything about your lifestyle that has the potential to interfere with fertility…be it sleep, nutrition, activity, stress management…have a strong ability to identify what it is and to help you replace the behavior in question with a more fertility-friendly option.

3. We DO assume that you are willing to make changes in your behavior and that this is an active partnership. We cannot live those lifestyle changes for you. We cannot become pregnant for you.

4. We DO NOT consider ourselves to be an"either — or" issue, in competition with the fertility industry. In fact, I am quite surprised at how few of our fans do not invest in a proactive inCYST consultation on deciding to go with IVF. If anything, we can help to be sure you are in the absolute best physical and mental condition to be in upon engaging in a physically and mentally challenging procedure. Just as an Olympic athlete would want to be nutritionally and physically ready for the big event, we believe partnering with us is good insurance that all of the money and stress you are about to encounter is worth the investment.

5. We DO NOT believe that there is a high success rate among women who do have lifestyle issues interfering with their fertility, who believe they can bypass the effort and inconvenience of changing that lifestyle with a medical procedure. You cannot fool Mother Nature.

6. We DO NOT provide false hope. That would be cruel.

7. We DO NOT pressure potential clients. Women with infertility are stressed enough as it is.

8. We DO NOT hang our celebrity clients out on a shingle as marketing tools. Celebrities need their privacy too.

9. We DO believe enough in what we do to be willing to work to create a research foundation to pursue our findings in a scientific fashion.

10. We have seen miracles, but we do not promise them.

We'd like to think we have a whole lot to offer you, but we won't chase it down. That is because the clients most likely to succeed with our program are not the ones we have to chase down and convince of our value. It's the ones who already believe in us.

We hope that this describes you, but if it is not, we respect the differences and truly wish you the best.

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What to expect from a fertility consultation + nutrition