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Clarification about brown rice and arsenic

I'm sharing with you a link to an FAQ about brown rice and arsenic, located on the Growing Naturals website.

To clarify our relationship with Growing Naturals, they have sponsored one of our events, and I am a Growing Naturals Guru, meaning from time to time I am asked to respond to nutrition issues that may come up at corporate headquarters.

In this case, it was ME who actually contacted THEM, as I wanted to know what to tell the many people we have encouraged to try their product. This statement was prepared independently of inCYST. I simply wanted reassurance myself, and to be able to provide reassurance to our fans, that we did not steer them toward a dangerous product.

I was not compensated in any way for posting this link.

Please ask any questions you have to feel confident about using Growing Naturals products.

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Clarification about brown rice and arsenic + nutrition