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NSAIDS may be affecting your insulin function, as well as your sleep

This just seems to be something that should be common knowledge, especially with this audience. I was pretty surprised to happen on it myself. Aspirin and ibuprofen may promote insulin resistance and sleep problems.

Way back in 1981, researchers reported that aspirin and ibuprofen, in doses commonly considered to be therapeutic for humans, experienced an increased level of insulin secretion. More insulin tended to be secreted at lower levels of blood glucose, and higher levels of insulin were secreted at high blood glucose levels. This is hyperinsulinemia, the first step in the chain reaction of problems including insulin resistance and diabetes.

And it may also interfere with sleep! Researchers at Bowling Green State University found that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (which includes these two over the counter medications)awakenings and percentage of time spent awake during the night. Ibuprofen also delayed the onset of deeper stages of sleep. Acetominophen, also known as Tylenol, did not affect sleep in these ways.

Researchers propose that the reasons for these effects may include the interference that these medications have on prostaglandin production, suppression of nighttime melatonin levels, and changes in body temperature.

We learned awhile back that women with PCOS also have trouble with arthritis, which means they are likely to be taking over-the-counter NSAIDS, thinking they're harmless. And, if they've got cardiac complications, they may have been advised to take baby aspirin prophylactically. That may not be the best strategy.

Fortunately, the fish oil I'm often teased about being such a fan of…is an excellent weapon against arthritis as well.

I'm ok with being teased about my obsession, if it means it helps our blog readers. The last laugh is the best one to have.: )

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NSAIDS may be affecting your insulin function, as well as your sleep + women's health