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Be more like Teflon, less like Velcro

Ever notice how some people just seem to let things roll off? something I have noticed is that women with PCOS don't always do that so easily. I don't know, and would love our research to help better understand why. for now, it is important to understand that a big part of your personality may be that you notice, thank about, have feelings about, and react to, a whole lot more"stuff" than the average person.

Years ago, I was talking about this with a client, and I suggested that she start to practice more awareness of this tendency. Not as a reason to further beat on herself because she had done yet another something wrong, but because if she allowed herself to be aware of it rather than to run from it, she could take action to stop that thought and feeling process from overtaking her ability to manage stress.

I told her to try to"be less like Velcro and more like Teflon". She came back to her next appointment and shared that this was a fun, no threatening visual that was really helpful. When she started to feel stressed, shenwould close her eyes and envision herself sliding down a huge Teflon ramp, away from whatever it was that was bothering her.

Of course, there are times when it is entirely appropriate to feel angry and to respond as such. PCOS kind of blurs things because excesses of testosterone and cortisol can give you somewhat of an emotional hair trigger. and if you're aware of that, or have been criticized for being too melodramatic or overreactive, you can overcompensate by trying too hard to stuff everything. and that is going to backfire in the form of compulsions and addictions.

If you apologize for or do not verbalized your honest feelings, you are not being honest. You are not telling the truth. Learn to acknowledge the truth, and if you need help learning what to do with those truths that you acknowledge in ways that do not involve obsessing, destructive anger, or self-destructive behavior, consider seeking the advice and perpective of A Teflon creator like our own Dr. Gretchen.

All that passionate energy is better used on other things!

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Be more like Teflon, less like Velcro + Stress management