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What business conflict has taught me about behavior change

(This is our 1,000th blog post! Thanks to all for helping us grow!)

It was not easy to be Monika this month. It felt like every time I turned around, someone had decided inCYST was doing something wrong and attempting to extract some kind of apology, deferral, or program change based on their opinion.

There was a time, long ago, when I would have panicked had this happened.

The Universe was on my side with this, however. My computer had died, I was in the middle of that remodel I described yesterday, and therefore the only way I had Internet access, was to walk two miles to the nearest hotel and borrow their computer. It kept me from hitting"send" before I knew how I felt, and all of that walking gave me time to think and sort through what was happening.

I finally decided that sometimes criticism is a compliment. It means you are doing something well, so well, in fact, that you raise the bar for others. I never openly stated to anyone that they needed to change how they did things…but in the process of doing what I was doing, apparently, I moved some individuals out of their comfort zones.

Because of my situation, and the limited time I had to devote to anything business-related, I made the choice, instead of helping people understand why inCYST wanted them to join us in our endeavor, to let the critical people stay in their comfort zones.

Not devoting time to conflict freed me up to create new programming that you will hear more about very soon.

And, out of the blue, we were invited to collaborate on a project that will give us wonderful connections that we'd been wanting for years. Had I chosen to give audience to the conflict, I would not have been able to accept that invitation because the energy it would have taken to get all the conflicting individuals on board would have diluted our ability to effectively partner with people who were already on board with us.

Are you feeling like the harder you work to be healthy the more critical people become? Is it possible that you've made them aware, however silently, that there are things they could be doing for their own health that they are not? Are they attempting to derail your progress so they do not have to be aware of that?

How much energy are you putting into accommodating the criticism? Do you feel entitled to not give it audience and to honor your own health needs?

You only have so much energy to go around. It is not selfish to prioritize yourself. If you do, it can be amazing to watch the Universe support your choice.

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What business conflict has taught me about behavior change + life