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Wednesday Morning Quarterback: Biggest Loser

I actually liked this episode. Maybe because it was more about what was going on emotionally and less about product placement.

I especially love the way Bob is gently confronting Vicki on the emotional issues that got her on the show in the first place. I have noticed from early on that her natural facial expression seems to be a frown. And she's such a beautiful person. Last night her facial expression seemed to soften quite a bit, and she seemed more like a real person. That woman needs to smile!

I do have a question, though. It always seems at the beginning of each season the contestants at weigh-in have to strip down to fewer clothes, and as they trim up they cover themselves up more. It seems to be the opposite of what you'd think. Personally I feel uneasy about that, because it's as if the show's producers are taking advantage of the audience value they gain from showing off the"ugliness" while it's there to capitalize on. (I must qualify, I don't consider anyone ugly no matter what their size or body shape. But since the show is about reducing fat, it seems to conflictual to show off that very thing and then put clothes back on as body shapes drift smaller.)

Oh! One last thing--for those of you who travel, mathematically it doesn't make sense to explain off the lower weight losses this week because of lack of exercise. The more likely scenario is that all that eating out in Manhattan upped the sodium intake and the weigh ins occurred before the contestants were able to correct the associated water retention. I always tell my clients if they tend to eat out on weekends, Friday/Monday weigh-ins can be especially demoralizing, and they don't really tell you much about your progress. It's always best to compare Mondays to other Mondays and Fridays to other Fridays. Same days are more like each other and you're not comparing apples to oranges.

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Wednesday Morning Quarterback: Biggest Loser + trip