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Food of the week: calamari

I am on a mission to encourage my colleagues to stop recommending so much salmon! Why? Because (1) salmon is not the only omega-3 containing seafood,(2) there is not enough salmon in the world to meet everyone's omega-3 needs,(3)salmon tends to be a seasonal fish, (4) salmon is not affordable to many, and (5) for some cultures, there are other seafoods that can provide DHA that just fit better.

It's not that salmon is BAD…it's just not the best choice for everyone, every time.

Today I wanted to talk about calamari. It's not a scaled fish, it's not even a cold water resident. But…it still contains omega-3's. It's ok to eat if you are trying to eat more of those. Nutritionally, it's a great source of selenium, vitamin B12, and riboflavin. For anyone who likes Greek, Italian, Spanish, or Mexican food, it's a natural!

If you eat calamari in a restaurant, be sure it's not breaded, and if it is fried, that olive oil is the agent.

If you cook it at home, here are some healthy ideas:

Grilled Calamari with Parsley

If breaded is the only way you like calamari, try this recipe at home: Healthy Breaded Calamari (the breading contains flax!)

The way my Mexican clients and neighbors like to eat it, in a seafood stew called Sopa/Zarzuela de Mariscos. A side note: I received a call from a Mexican client one night, she was at a restaurant, and craving this soup, but was afraid to have it because her friends had told her it could cause her to miscarry. I told her to enjoy it. She didn't miscarry, and she and her husband have a healthy baby to enjoy Christmas with this year. She, of all my clients, was the most diligent about omega-3 intake during her pregnancy, and I believe it was important to her overall success story.

So if you're not sold on salmon…but like other seafood, take heart…you're still on the right track. Enjoy!

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