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Are you a picky eater looking to change your ways? TLC's"Freaky Eaters" is now casting

I received a phone call from TLC today. This the network that produces the show"Freaky Eaters". They are currently casting for their next season in both Phoenix and Los Angeles.

The ideal participant for this show is not someone with an eating disorder, but rather someone with some kind of food ritual or phobia that is socially and emotionally debilitating and handicapping. Here is the description provided to me by their associate producer.

The show is an engaging and ultimately transformational Docu-Series looking to help Americans in need of a diet intervention. Each week, the series will follow a different person with an extremely restricted diet, often to the point of avoiding entire food groups. A team of qualified experts will use a number of techniques to help the person overcome their nutritional and psychological problems and develop a healthier diet.

Are you considered an extremely picky or fussy eater?

Do you have a limited diet of a few specific food items that you will not stray from?

Are you addicted to one food and one food only?

Do your friends or family members think your “picky eating” is getting out of control?

Are you terrified of eating certain foods and the thought brings you out in a sweat?

If you or someone you know needs help with their food issue, then we want to hear from you. We’d like to hear from people who want help to overcome their problem. This is not a show for people who “just don’t like brussel sprouts” or choose not to eat meat for ethical reasons.

This is a series for adults who genuinely would like help to deal with the psychological root causes of why they cannot eat or try new foods.
If you are an adult with extreme eating habits and you would like to know more about our show please email us at with the following information:

First and Last Name


City, State

Phone Number and email

Photo and/or link to your Facebook or Myspace

A brief paragraph about what makes your eating habits extreme and why you want help. The more you tell us, the better.

Contact information is provided in the picture uploaded with this post.

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Are you a picky eater looking to change your ways? TLC's"Freaky Eaters" is now casting + women's health