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Are you effectively marketing healthy eating to yourself?

"Eat food that rots" has become a mantra of nutrition experts. It means you're eating things that have not been processed or filled with additives and preservatives.

"But it rots before I can eat it" is a popular excuse I hear for why my clients don't eat more fruits and vegetables!

I challenge you to consider that there is a more simple solution to this conundrum than you may realize.

I have a refrigerator in which the freezer is on the bottom. That means that my fruit and vegetable bin are practically at eye level. I am reminded to eat fruits and vegetables every time I open the door. I used to have a model with the freezer on the top. Food used to rot all the time.

The freezer-on-the-bottom model seems to better market fruits and vegetables to me.

Don't have that model? Don't have a new one in your budget? Simply consider changing how you organize food in your refrigerator. You can put lots of things in the bins…breads, deli meats, cheese, etc…and leave room for the produce on the shelves.

If you see it more often, you'll be more likely to eat it.

Before it rots.

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Are you effectively marketing healthy eating to yourself? + women's health tips