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Can Omega-3 Fats Play a Role in Reducing Murder Rates?

We all know that the benefits of omega-3 oils has numerous far reaching applications in human health and especially for PCOS; it seems that one of these applications could be in reducing anti-social behaviour in prison inmates! I found this idea so fascinating that I had to get more information. It turns out that inmates come to jail nutritionally depleted (no surprise there!) and while the diet 'inside' is nutritionally balanced, and overseen by dietitians, it is very low in essential fats, which researchers think is a factor in increasing aggressive behaviour.

In 2004 the National Institutes of Health published a study that found a correlation between the intake in omega-3 fatty acids and lower murder rates. They've since completed numerous other studies which also confirm these earlier results.
Across the pond in the UK, The Wellcome Trust is spending $2.8 million on a 2 year study looking at nutrients (including omega-3 fats) and behavior. One thousand offenders from 3 prisons are being recruited, the results of which will be published in two years. The results from a pilot study in 2002 demonstrated that inmates receiving omega-3 supplements showed a 37% reduction in anti-social behavior.

There is obviously more to antisocial behavior than nutrition alone but it looks like omega-3 fats could play an important role. Some researchers are even going as far as to suggest that some criminal behavior could be the result of omega-3 deficiencies. The bottom line is omega-3 fatty acids are an important addition to a healthful diet and while the verdict is still out with regards to behavior and violence, it is certainly food for thought. There are nutritional guidelines for our physical health, so why not nutritional guidelines for our mental health?

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Can Omega-3 Fats Play a Role in Reducing Murder Rates? + women's health tips