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Male infertility and male menopause

Even though this blog is primarily devoted to the kind of infertility found in women, it's important to not forget the men. And…to remember that even if you are a male and aren't interested in having children, the same factors that can cause infertility in men who want to have children can be attributed to low testosterone and its associated symptoms: less strength and endurance when working out, fatigue, low sex drive, feeling sad or grumpy, memory issues, trouble concentrating, and trouble enjoying activities you used to find pleasurable. Reversing andropause is, essentially, restoring your fertility.

And, not surprisingly, all of the factors that exacerbate PCOS, are the same ones that exacerbate male infertility and low testosterone. Everything you read in this blog has pertinence to men as well as women.

The top issues I have seen affect testosterone include:

1. Being a night owl. Not sleeping well interferes with insulin function and can cause weight gain.
2. Not enough exercise.
3. Not managing stress. By this I mean ignoring it or leaning too heavily on things like exercise to manage it. With regards to exercise, it's important to find that place of balance, rather than swing between extremes of too much and too little.
4. Eating too much of the pro-inflammatory fats: safflower, sunflower, soybean, corn, cottonseed
5. Drinking too much alcohol, which interferes with sleep patterns.

Because obesity, overexercising and focus on being"buff", stress, and poor sleep habits are common issues in our culture, men are rendered susceptible to more problems with testosterone levels. And to service this population, clinics offering testosterone replacement are becoming more common. While this is certainly an option, I am struck when reading many of the advertisements for these clinics how they tend to play on mens' insecurities in order to motivate them to come in for treatment. This type of treatment is commonly not reimbursed by insurance. You can see where I'm going here.

"Natural" or bioidentical hormone replacement is truly a buyer beware choice. These therapies are not currently FDA approved, which means adverse effects are not even being reported. That means, no one really knows what the long term consequences of such treatments are. Clinics making money off of this issue certainly aren't going to report problems with their product if they're not required to!

It is worth your time to work with a skilled inCYST practitioner to evaluate your diet, sleep, and stress patterns to see if a few tweaks can pull you back into balance, before taking the next, bigger step.

I'm pasting a link to a nice story done by the Today Show yesterday about male menopause to provide some more information.

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Male infertility and male menopause + testosterone