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You can THINK about doing something that might lead to success and not have success, or you can DO that thing and have a chance at success

I have been fielding questions about Pregnitude for a couple of months now, and have been interested to see your reactions to this supplement. For years inCYST has received emails, posts on our fan page, comments to this blog, begging, pleading, praying for an answer to your situation.

And now that something is available that has good potential to help, which has been clinically tested…a good number of you are still paralyzed out of taking action. You're thinking about it, you're waiting to see if anyone gets pregnant, you're questioning the study findings.

This post is going to be pasted in response to any future questions I have about Pregnitude. Most of you have found my other articles, so there is no need to share those. You're still pondering them and they have not motivated you to act.

--Pregnitude is a compound, myoinositol, which you already have in your body, that is, for whatever reason, not present in sufficient amounts.

--It is challenging, if not impossible, to get enough myoinositol simply by eating food. You can increase your muscle mass and eat more protein to facilitate that process, which I strongly encourage you to do, but reversing the effects of muscle breakdown from past choices will take time and commitment.

--The difference between Pregnitude and other myoinositol supplements you can buy, is quality control; it is much purer, and therefore delivering a more potent therapeutic dose, than other options.

--Chances are, if you have had an eating disorder, dieted a lot, been vegan, or overexercised, you've depleted the muscle mass your body needs to make its own myoinositol.

--It's not a replacement for good choices in the food, activity, sleep, and stress management department. It is going to work best for those who engage in lifestyle practices that help to maintain myoinositol levels.

--You will not see results in a day, or two, or three. You will need to give it a good 3 to 6 month trial out of fairness. If you have memory issues, then program your computer or smart phone with reminders, to be sure you use it the way it needs to be used in order to get effects.

--Compared to many options available to you, like assisted reproduction, it's a smoking deal at about $30 a month. If you're saving money for a procedure but balking at the idea of spending less than the cost of a latte per day on this, consider what the motivation for that choice might be.

Bottom line: If you have read all the way to the end of this post, your choice NOT to try Pregnitude is your informed, voluntary refusal. If you try it and nothing happens, then you know. If you don't try it and nothing happens, then you will never know.

If the thought that you may actually get what you have lived with thinking you wanted but could not have, is somehow intimidating or scary, I strongly encourage you to consider talking to someone like Dr. Gretchen about how you can put those fears aside and embrace newer, positive possibilities.

I receive no money from Everett Labs. I simply see the potential in this product.

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You can THINK about doing something that might lead to success and not have success, or you can DO that thing and have a chance at success + women