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Omega-3 blood testing now available through the inCYST network

It's finally here! Ever since we started talking about omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil, we've been asked how you all can test to see what your own profile looks like. At the recent Natural Products West Expo, we met omega-3 scientist Doug Bibus, who developed a blood test allowing us to see in detail how your own blood test looks.

We've just arranged to offer the blood test through inCYST, at a discounted price. Here is how it works.

1. Order the blood test through us. (It's a fingerprick. Here is squeamish me with Doug at the Coromega booth. You can see that I survived and even smiled through the process.)

2. We send the test to you to perform at home.

3. You mail the results to Lipid Lab. They send us the results and we send you a brief analysis with core recommendations for changes you may want to consider changing.

Dr. Bibus will also be training the inCYST Network on the proper interpretation of this test so that we are sure to be giving you accurate, personally relevant information.

Here is my personal result, so you can see the detail of the information it provides. You can also see that me, the person teased by friends and family for being so fish oil focused, learned she had some work to do on her own diet. I have since steered a different direction and am looking forward to my followup test.: )

We are able to offer this test at a discounted price of $140. Click here if that is what you'd like to do!

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Omega-3 blood testing now available through the inCYST network + omega-3