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Have you had some sun(flowers) in your day?

Some friends of mine here in Phoenix are working on a unique project, in conjunction with Intel, to promote the viablility of sunflower oil as a biofuel.

Whether your engine is your alternative auto…or your own body, sunflower seeds can be a nice addition to your fuel mix.

I've encouraged that you avoid sunflower OIL, since when you refine the oil out of the seeds, and consume it in disproportionate ratios to other fats, which is what happens when you use it to fry foods, the total composition of your fat intake tends to be pro-inflammatory. However, when consumed unprocessed, as in seeds, there are some great benefits to sunflower seeds in the diet.

One of the most important is vitamin E. It's an incredibly important antioxidant that can help prevent cholesterol buildup, even reduce cholesterol. It's also very important for protecting your brain, which with PCOS is crucial. That is where your hormone control center is located. It's been found to help reduce the magnitude of hot flashes.

Sunflowers are very high in phytosterols (which you'll be hearing more about soon in future blog posts). Sunflower seeds have one of the highest concentrations of phystosterols. They're also high in magnesium, a mineral often deficient in women with PCOS, which means that it may help you with stress and anxiety.

What is fascinating about sunflower research is that most of it has been done on livestock, not humans. It is well known among dairy and poultry farmers that their animals will be healthier and live longer if sunflower seeds or sunflower meal is added to their diet. Economically, they have learned that there is a profit to be made from using this knowledge. We're not quite there yet with humans…we're still biased in thinking the answer to every one of our aches, pains, and diagnoses, is a pill. (If you could see my"research institute projects to consider" list right here, it gets longer and longer as I write about all these great things like vinegar, strawberries, sunflowers, that should be given more attentio and hopefully will.

But don't wait for me to get going on those studies! Sunflower seeds are so easy to add to your diet. They can't hurt and they might help…and they're tasty! I see no reason why you can't be your own research subject as soon as you write your next grocery list.

How do you like your sunflower seeds? Here are some of my favorites.

1. In my oatmeal.
2. In my trail mix.
3. Sprinkled on soup
4. Sprinkled on salad.
5. Added whole to homemade bread, pancakes, etc.
6. Ground and added to flour or breading for meat.

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Have you had some sun(flowers) in your day? + vitamin E