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Grand Opening Announcement --The inCYST eMarket — shop eco-hormone friendly and support hormone research!

I am so excited about this! Over the years I have been meeting great small businesses offering thoughtful, spectacular products with potential to improve health. These companies consistently battle a series of small business woes, most especially how to consistently grow without having to jump from Mom and Pop status to major market presence and not lose their shirts. It frustrates me very much, watching how many searches for these products bring people to our blog, knowing that these people may have stopped searching with us because they got tired of clicking.
I wanted to create a bridge that brought these entrepreneurial types within reach of the enthusiastic customers who can help them grow and succeed.

So I've developed the inCYST eMarket, designed to help the best of the best to promote their products directly through us. You know, if it shows up in our store, it's been evaluated and fits with our mission, to support a lifestyle that is healthy for the planet AND its citizens. Most of the companies are small to medium sized, most were created with promoting better health as part of their mission, many are eventually going to be household names, if given a chance to brand and create a presence within the budget that their small business allows for. Many will be food products, but some will be personal care, others will focus on home and garden.

I envisioned, if I had the ability to bring my favorite business people together at my own market, who would be occupying the stalls. These people are pretty busy in their own worlds, wearing the multiple hats required in a startup endeavor, so this is a way for them to come together without having to leave their local operations.

That is where all of you come in. You're looking for great, healthy products. You're willing to spend money on them. You just don't know where to look. Or, you may know where to look, but aren't sure what you are seeing has validity. So we wanted to take the work out of it for you.

To encourage you to patronize our new store, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, we're going to allocate 100% of the profits earned by this store, to the new inCYST Research Institute. Thereafter, 20% of the profits will be allocated. I'm hoping that this will take care of the burden of the startup costs we're incurring, so that the majority of the money the fundraisers you all are organizing and participating in, can be directly devoted to research.

I love farmer's markets, and I envision this as being somewhat of an e-farmer's Market, specializing in valid hormone-friendly products we hope you are excited to try.

Starting tomorrow, for the rest of the week, we'll be posting information about each of the companies participating in our initial launch. This week we'll be featuring: Zing Bars, Ibitta, Arizona Mesquite Company, and Oila. We'll update you from time to time about new products and how they may be of interest to you.

If you can't wait until Monday for the detailed product information to start posting, feel free to check us out and browse around at this link!

We're excited to be able to involve our hard-working colleagues in the food, personal care, and design industries in our quest to make it easier for all of you to reap the benefits of an eco-hormone-friendly lifestyle.

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Grand Opening Announcement --The inCYST eMarket — shop eco-hormone friendly and support hormone research! + love